My Experience Commision Junction; Just A Fraud Site?


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Well, to start with let me tell you that Commission Junction is one of the largest and long-time running advertising companies on the web; it was already there when I first came online, and joined shortly later in the early 2000s.

On those day I was a totally newbie to online money-making activities, but I tried my best signing up to get bannrs from the different affiliates promising a good revenue.

Indeed, despite I was running a very rudimentary HTML website, I was able to make good money with CJ... but only as displayed into my affiliate control panel, because they never paid me a buck. Reason?

Whenever I had reached the minimum threshold to get paid, an advertiser was deactivated, and my earnings reversed, and this was the story for the couple of years I tried to get a payment from CJ with no luck. I quit and moved on.

Some time later, approaching to the 2000's first decade, I though to give CJ a second chance because I had accrued enough knowledge to feel confident when it comes to succeed advertising on the web. You got me in again, but my luck didn't change at all.

This second time I had no "deactivate advertisers" but being then a busy webmaster, I was unable to update CJ codes as frequent as I suppose they want me to do.

Making a long story short, I found myself "deactivated" at some point of the second attempt because, according to the control panel, I was not actively adding the advertising codes, but this wasn't the worst; happens that because I was "deactivated" they wanted me to pay $90 as penalization for my inactivity.... obviously I quit again with no revenue.

Today, I found that Commission Junction doesn't longer exist, at least not as it was, but under a new name and concept; CJ Affiliate by Conversant, what makes me feel tempted to try a third time because, after all, three's a charm but...

Does anyone something to say about CJ? Is it worth to try nowadays? Has someone experience an horror story similar or worst than mine?

Any thought or feedback will be much appreciated :)


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I don't think it's a fraudulent site, but with that being said, I've never had much luck with promoting stuff on the CJ network. Not a big deal though, there are various affiliate networks worth trying out.


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I don´t think they are a fraud as much as it just was never a very successful business for affiliates. I have never heard of anyone say anything positive about them or that they earned any signficant money. Their business model seems to be to get a ton of affiliates, knowing most of them will never be able to cash-out. If you have a couple thousand people making $20, that is decent profit since you never have to pay them.

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CJ is not a scam but maybe they have a lot of dishonest merchants. The merchant is responsible of reporting the sales stat. If they decide to cheat, they can report false stats. Because of this, no one will know if they credit the publisher with lesser sales. To fix this, CJ should make sure the sales stats is audited by a third party software instead of by the merchants themselves.


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I haven't heard of CJ before, but I am quite new to online money making activities. I guess that if you're willing to spend some time it's worth a try, as you don't lose that much. If anyone knows anything about CJ please make sure to tell us in this thread!


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I honestly think that CJ is a legitimate website for us to find and promote products as affiliate. I also have an inactive CJ account, even though I have earned few times with this network before. My friend Daniel Lew actually got paid in CJ before when he promoted an affiliate product when he was still struggling to become successful for himself. I have read his book "Seven Figure Marketer" in which his story was the thing I am inspired, especially in earning with Commission Junction. He actually got his check there and successfully cleared. They have been here for a long time, and they're not going anywhere.


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Commission junction as been around for a while now, so while that does tend to suggest it's a legitimate site, that doesn't necessarily mean that people are earning money from it though.

With any sites like this I do tend to be wary and very sceptical so I wouldn't get nvolved myself, but if anybody does, I'd be saying be very cautious, especially when it comes to investing your own money.