Help Me/Question Commission Junction Vs. Amazon


If you guys had to pick one from these which would it be? CJ or Amazon.

The up side to Amazon is its name. The down side is the kickback being very low.

CJ is really hard to enter but you can get a pretty good conversion rate from it .

So, what do you think? which one is better ?


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Until I see someone who is doing cash-outs repeatedly using Commission Junction I am staying away. Everything I see about them always is the same story, people not being able to hit the cash-out threshold and CJ constantly changing and manipulating their balances. I am not saying it is a scam, i am just saying you probably need to be a big player to make money with them. Amazon is much more stable and reliable.

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
If I have to choose between these two affiliate networks. I will surely choose Amazon for my business in future. Because CJ is difficult to be approved and it's also a bit tricky to work there. However, Amazon is an easy affiliate network. It's the largest online store along with one of the best affiliate marketing networks. It ahs a lot of products, that can be promoted by almost anyone. But for promoting a website is the preferable way to get buyers.

Cleveland Williams

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I am just now learning about CJ, and plan on using it in the near future. I am currently a member of Amazon's Mechanical Turk, and the work seems to not be too difficult. The only problem that I have with Amazon is that the pay is extremely low, and for the transcription work, most of the audio is horrible. However, I am working up creating a new website for myself, and will be selling products on it using Amazon's affiliate marketing program. I look forward to learning more about CJ, and hopefully I will make money with them.


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I don;t know about commission junction however, I am an amazon affiliate marketer. I have tried marketing amazon products via social media, writing sites and my blog. sadly, I have never been able to make good sales from Amazon product. I have heard about commission junction but do not know about the nature of the business on commission junction. Is it a shopping site just like Amazon?