My 2 Cents Common Joomla Mistakes To Avoid


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There are thousands of CMS developers and website owners who swear by the usefulness and versatility of Joomla. Over the last few years, it has emerged as a nuch sought after CMS app. However, like other CMS apps, Joomla’s efficacy depends on the way you use it! It has a somewhat steep learning curve to begin with. Besides, you need to be aware of some widespread mistakes that newbie CMS developers make when working with Joomla. Evading these mistakes will save your time and ensure your website is not affected by performance issues too.

Below listed are the top Joomla web design mistakes you should avoid:
  • Copying text from Microsoft Word - This is a mistake you should evade at any cost when working in Joomla! Microsoft word is the most widely used PC text editor but it is known for some weird formatting styles. So, if you copy text from Word and paste into Joomla the formatting also sneaks in. Ideally, you can write the text in notepad or similar editors. Or else, copy text from word and paste in Notepad first. Then again copy it and paste in Joomla.
  • Lack of a migration plan - Sometimes, you may want to migrate from a WordPress based site to Joomla instead of creating a site from the scratch. In these cases, it is important to chalk out a migration plan before you proceed! Making a backup is the first thing you would do and then make a checklist. Aspects like design elements, theme, media and text can be handled post migration. There are extensive resources in the web on this and ensure you proceed with care.
  • Issues in image uploading - The importance of using quality image in a website cannot be overlooked- regardless of which platform the website is made in. A lot of Joomla developers have resorted to using original images captured in phones and digital cameras. It is not problematic but the image size factor needs to be kept in mind. Therefore, it is prudent to use image compression tools before you upload images in Joomla. There are several free tools available that you can try.
  • Not updating Joomla and extensions - Security is a prime concern when you develop a website, in CMS or any other app. For enhanced security of your Joomla based site, ensure that you keep updating Joomla version and the used plug-ins. Of course, test the website after updating core files.