My Experience Common Mistakes To Avoid - Outsource App Development


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While mobile app development partner will likely do the whole thing in their power to make the project work, a little bit of effort from your side won’t mind too. No one wants to screw it up with a good match, so here are some of the common drawbacks you should be aware of:

Failing to Consider Time Zone Differences

Don’t get the variance in time to place your project on hold. Generally, you should have 4-6 overlying hours with your outsourcing partner for a productive play. Use this time sensibly and push the important tasks and questions on top of your agenda.

Failing to Establish a Mutually Beneficial Reporting and Milestone Schedule

Over-communication and over-reporting can destruction your project as much as the lack of it. Hence, clearly define your “meeting and reporting” schedule with the outsourcing team. Those times when you get together and talk “real stuff”, rather than musing over the exhausted routine. Ask to get added to their reporting system.
Bottom line: regular pre-defined check-ins are important, but should not occupy the common the team’s schedule.

Forgetting About Testing

QA should be part of any decent mobile app Android and iOS development outsourcing. Ideally, the team you hire should do the job. Unless the company has added this service to the original contract, and you kind of forgot about this too, follow-up before the project is done to avoid any further miscommunication.

Another important case for functional testing – it should precisely mimic all the scenarios experienced by the app’s real end users. For instance, what may happen if you fail to test a geo-location feature in the locations it was designed for (as your team is on the other side of the globe?).

Echo Innovate IT team has been using a variety of powerful cross-device emulators and automated test cases to make sure all the app features will run seamlessly from any location. That’s how we built the City Hour app by the way.

Now you have it – a detailed roadmap to outsource your next app development project without a single hiccup. And if you need a great, friendly team for that, I suppose you know whom to ask?