My 2 Cents Common Twitter Mistakes Made By Social Media Marketers


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Twitter currently has more than 320 million active users and this makes it a terrific marketing tool. You have a number of opportunities to connect with your target audience, and it plays an important role in the marketing landscape of every company whether they are a startup or well established. But you need to know the right marketing etiquettes or you may just offend customers and alienate prospects. Here are some mistakes which you should avoid:

Not having a marketing strategy

You need to have a strategy from the get go. Set some goals, use the analytics and find your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Even if one tweet goes viral, you can't expect all of them to. You need to have a plan. Test both short and long term campaigns and record the metrics for regular improvement. Utilize the full potential of your Twitter account.


You wouldn't want to oversell on Twitter. Social media is all about engagement. You shouldn't be focusing on increasing your followers. You need to focus on building a relationship with your audience. Don't just focus on your brand. Successful marketers aren't just able to drive traffic to their website, they build relationships with followers. A general rule of thumb is to share at least 4 community engagement posts for each brand related post.


Twitter is a wonderful tool for addressing customer feedback. Monitoring feedback is important if you want to retain customers. Nurturing relationships can be built on both positive and negative feedback. Ignoring comments on Twitter is like ignoring an email but much worse since you will be ignoring it on a public platform. Engaging with followers is very important. A tactful response to negative feedback will always be rewarded.

Analytics tools

There are a number of analytical tool available for Twitter and choosing the best one can be difficult. But Twitter has its own analytics as well which lets you know how your audience is reacting to your tweets. You can check how each tweet is performing and learn about the demographics, locations and interests on your followers.

Buying followers

Don't make this mistake. Many marketers do this to try and jump start marketing on Twitter. But they will discover how futile this is very soon. You would much rather have 100 genuine followers that 1000 followers who may or may not exist. Quality is more important than quantity here. Do not focus on the numbers. Concentrate on developing genuine relationships. Purchasing followers can negatively impact your bottom line and ruin your brand too. Just stay away from it.


Hashtags are great for creating visibility and showing what your brand can offer. But using too many of them can be annoying. Limit their usage and just use the ones which relate to your message. Make sure every tweet has between one and two hashtags.


A lot of marketers schedule tweets and send automated messages. Yes, this can decrease the workload but it will reduce genuine interaction. Followers may just begin to think they are interacting with a robot. This will make your account look like a ghost town. Followers may start unfollowing you since you're never available.

It may be easy to use Twitter but marketing on Twitter isn't as easy as you may think. Many marketers have trouble leveraging the demand they generate through Twitter. Mistakes are a part of life but some of them can be quite embarrassing. Some may even bring your brand into the spotlight for unfavorable reasons. Avoid the above mentioned mistakes and you will ensure your brand stands out for the correct reasons.


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I have a Twitter account that is not active anymore because I don't see a need for it. Facebook is enough for me. But for those using their Twitter to promote something, use your common sense and avoid abusing your privilege. Some users say that Twitter is free so they can tweet every hour in order to promote their products or services. But that is not supposed to be since social media is like being in a society with restrictions and decorum. If you tweet excessively then you might lose some followers.


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I am so guilty on one of the mistakes that I am doing in Twitter marketing. I was buying Twitter followers back then, and I just realized that the followers are mostly inactive ones. One of my clients before had a business where he sell Twitter follower services to his clients, and he made some success there. I helped him during the time in updating all of his Twitter blogs to promote and give more exposure to his own business for good. I am only using one to two hashtags every time I tweet, so that it won't be annoying. As for automation, I don't think all of them are useless, as there are other ones that tweets like a real human and people are engaging into his or her tweets.


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Most people end up buying likes, followers, views and plus ones for their marketing campaigns. This does not leads them anywhere and they quickly burn out of money that could otherwise be used on genuine methods of promotion.

For some reason I believe that offline marketing is a startups best bet. We need to learn growth hacking techniques.


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Twitter can surely help in promoting a business and it is just right to provide your clients with honest and realistic promotion of product or service. Overdoing things in Twitter will definitely create a negative impact on the business' credibility.