Help Me/Question Companies Which Provides Free Web Hosting?

Doominic anderson

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I have created a website and now i want to make it live for the people,i don't have much knowledge about the steps of web hosting.
Is there any company who provides the facility of free web hosting,and there is not any hidden condition when i start the process of web hosting.

Manish Mishra

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Free hosting like the one link you have given in your other thread:
See and compare, things are looking more manually and need more of your technical knowledge. You do not have automated scripts, so you have to download WordPress or any other scripts and upload to your server then create and handle database service even configuration file need to be build.
so, bottom line is free hosting is just a pain in ass.
And as bonus, they will inject plenty of ads, banners, etc, (depend on what they desired) and it gives your website more clumsy look. You will not feel like a freedom.


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Free hosting really sucks, you have to spend all of the time for removing malware, hidden links. Down time is more happens with these free hosting companies, My best suggestion is to buy an Hosting Package from a reputed company or else choose the WordPress sub-domain that would be good for you if you are not good at your business.

Swati Mishra

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Spending a few bucks is okay than to buy a web hosting that comes for free. Actually, nothing comes for free in this world, we pay money either this way or that. A free hosting provider will add tons of banners/images/ads on your web pages and this will give a poor impression of your website.

Prasoon Arora

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I would not suggest free web hosting because you will have to manage it a lot in terms of spam. Also in case of free hosting the company don't assure you about your website functionality.If you really want to go for free web hosting you can choose Weebly. There might be other companies but I think this would best.


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Indeed. For today hosting is really cheap and you can get all benefits of reliable hosting plan if you'll spend just a couple of dollars monthly.


It's better to use cheap hosting than use a free hosting. I had such an experience and now I surely know that nothing can be good if it's for free.


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I see that there are many free hostings out there such as byethost, 000webhost, hostinger, awardspace, 5gbfree, etc...However, in my experience, I would like to suggest ByetHost is comparatively better than other free hostings in terms of cpu, speed, uptime, no ads and support.

If you are serious about your business, I would also suggest that you do not use free hosting. Because in the future, your business may be get increased then you will face with many problem with free host such as bandwidth, CPU, memory,...and in case your traffic get increased, your account will be banned from provider without any notice. So go with paid hosts at the first time you run your business.

If you want to buy hosting, you need to research about each first, you can go here for the details Best web hosting latest currently

Good luck to you!


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