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Comparision Betweeen iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S5

Samsung S5 is the latest mobile from Samsung in its very acclaimed and successful S series. The S series mobiles are higher end mobiles which were released by Samsung to compete with the iPhone and the higher end mobiles with other companies such as HTC and Sony. The S series phones have been quite successful so far and even the S5 which was released recently has gained mass appreciation. So in this article we will compare the S5 with the iPhone 5 and see how it stands against one of the best in the world.


While the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display size, the S5 is much larger and has a 5.1 inch display size. Both have capacitive touchscreens with the S5 has an added advantage of having the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, but the iPhone 5 has an equally, if not better, good capacitive touch. Both mobiles’ screens are protected by Gorilla glass with the iPhone 5 also having an oleophobic coating.


The iPhone 5 has apple’s own ios with the version 6 of ios installed in it. It has the option of upgrading the ios to the latest ios8. The S5 has Android v4.4.2 (kitkat) as its platform. It also has the option of upgrading the OS to the latest version of Android. i.e Android 5.0 (lollipop). S5 has a chipset of SnapDragon 801 and the iPhone 5 has a chipset of Apple A6. Apple has a slight advantage in this regard as its own chipset ensures a much smoother experience. S5 has a much more powerful CPU with 3.5 GHz Quad Core processor. The Apple iPhone 5 has a 1.3 GhzDualcore processor.


Samsung S5 is the clear winner in this aspect. It has a primary camera of 16 MP with a secondary camera of 2 MP. The iPhone 5 has a primary camera of 8MP and a secondary camera of 1.2 MP. Both have LED flashes. Both have an HD recording facility, but the S5 camera works much better in bad light conditions.


The S5 is again the winner here as the iPhone 5 does not have the option of expanding the external memory as a micrSD card cannot be inserted in the phone. The iPhone 5 is available in 3 models, i.e. with a 16 GB internal memory, a 32 GB internal memory and a 64 GB internal memory. The S5 has two models with a 16 GB or 32 GB internal memory and expandable memory up to 128 GB. The iPhone 5 has a RAM of 1 GB while the S5 has a RAM of 2 GB.


The iPhone 5 has a good battery life with a 1440 mAh battery. The S5 has a 2800 mAh battery. Both are almost equal in battery life


The Samsung S5 packs in much more features in a lower price range. As expected, the brand value of Apple is much higher than Samsung and Apple exploits this to full value. But, the performance of iPhone 5 cannot be doubted and it is one of the best phones in the market. However, it is fair to say that the S5 give it a good run for its money and is much more than just a pretender.
I just stopped using the iPhone 5 and I sincerely prefer it to the Samsung galaxy 5, the Samsung galaxy, was a bit buggy and did not operate as smoothly as the iPhone, not to also mention that the iPhone 5 was created first, so Samsung tired to make the galaxy a lot better. The iPhone 5 is as good as any other iPhone, as it allows the updating to the current iOS you can't say the same for Samsung, as it gets to a point the phones won't update it's OS anymore.