Complex vs. Simplistic?

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Which do you favor with a website if either?

Personally I like to try and balance my websites, but I do tend to lean towards a simplistic design such as what you see here at WS. I like for users to be able to locate what they want to quickly and not have to search for something or wait for pesky and slow loading graphics.


SIMPLE AND PAINFULLY OBVIOUS.  In my experience, if its not simple, the user is going to be gone before they get exposed to the necessary content.


This depends by your site type. Some time when is a information site it must be simple. Many people that searching for something doesn't have time to search on a non-simple site. If it is simple this doesn't means that it must be ugly. I know a lot of simple and usefully sites that are very beautiful. Also a non-simple site will be very hard to use for a dial up or a low connection users. 49% of internet users use a low connection so you must have this on mind when you make a site.
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