My Experience Components Of Dbms.


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There are various components that are used in DBMS:
  • Query Processor: Transforms user queries to series of low level instructions.
  • Runtime Database Manager: It is also known as Database central system. It is the central software components that accepts queries from user, process it and return it to the user as an output.It further includes component as:
    * Integrity Checker: Check integrity.
    * Authorization Control : Checks the authorization.
    * Command Processor: Executes the commands.
    * Query Optimizer: Determines the optimal strategy for query execution.
    * Transection Manager: Ensures the transection properties.
    * Scheduler: It schedules the execution of queries.
  • Data Manager: It handles all the data that is stored in Database.

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A database manager is to interact with the file manager.
A database manager is the program module which provide the interface between the low level data stored in database and the application program submitted to the system.