Introduction Computer Monitoring Software.


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Software monitors the network, the internet is suitable for the management of employee computer monitoring within the company.
With functions:
  • Monitoring and rewrite network address (URL), see the calendar of the web server.
  • It may prohibit access to certain websites or only allow access to work related websites.
  • Monitor the current screen of employee computers.
  • Monitor the user programs running on the computer.
  • Remote monitoring and manipulation on the employee computer as on his computer.
  • Monitor and record all employees through a surveillance camera.
  • Monitor employee emails sent.
  • Through your computer you can know the operations on your employee's computer.
  • You will know your employees are working, surfing the web or chatting with friends.
  • Computer monitoring software will help you control your employees during working hours.
  • Any action on the employee computer will be monitored by the software.
photo software:

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