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Original content helps to identify your webpage uniquely to rank it higher in search engines. Google prefers original content to rank them higher in their search results. They are good ways to build huge traffic and build your search engine popularity.


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if content is unique and quality of content is high, it would really help your website for rank on search engine.


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The first thing Google pays attention to is the relevancy of your content, so yeah it's important.


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Yes of course, when your website has a good content and good keywords according to your topic, then your rank can really be improved in google. So it is really important to have good content
Create unique thoughts and content that is no offered elsewhere on the internet. Good and well-written content that show authority; It is essential to remember this if you want your website to rank high in SERPs.


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Google knows only content. If the website contain unique content with proper keyword, it helps to bring your website top on the search engine result page. Website content is the high priority for Google. Update content on the website as a regular basis.