Tutorial Content Siloing

  • Content siloing is used by the big websites to get ranking on keywords. The strategy was pioneered by Bruce Clay.
  • Means organizing your web site into subject themes by linking related pages together.
  • True internal linking is what it's all about
  • It’s all about making your site with a good structure and in an organized format, linking relevant pages orderly so that it helps users to easily navigate and enjoy your content.
  • A good example of a silo site can be - emedtv.com

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
A website that has content with certain topics so called "Silos" trying to optimize the website in major search engines like Google use this method, this is called Content siloing. It differentiate the site with different architecture of the content within the same website.


It's Game Time!
Websites with content silos are very attractive and engaging nowadays. Once you show this to the person, eventually he or she will have a nice impression on you, because of your website's structure that includes high quality content silos. Your website represents who you are in terms of design and content, and I think this can bring us more traffic rather than having a simple kind of website. I would definitely think that Google is loving these kinds of websites due to its attractive structure, and we will be getting benefits from them. It's all about giving them the quality that they need.