Cost Effective ways to promote you site

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Ok ,

You need to promote your site,

How do you get started?? Heres a gew tips that wont break the bank.

Join free traffic site , there are loads of them online like traffic punk and smiley traffic. The best one is link referal.

Also make sure that you join online forums and add your links to your signature.

Add your links to your email signature , this works well as people always want to have a nose ! !

create special emails that are to be forwarded to people . works wonders !!

make sure you are joined up with google and have no dupicate content

offer people an ad on your site in exchange for an add on your site !!

buy bulk email addresses and software, self promotion !!

also you can contact paid to click sites and place an add for your site there! !great inbox promotions. :)


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Well great tips but I want to add one more.
Submit your site to social bookmarking sites. ;). They often bring some traffic .


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Great post. I would also like to add directory submissions and blog commenting. They also help in your SEO in the long run.
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