My 2 Cents Could Hackers Be Targeting Your Domain Name?


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The simple answer to this question is yes. There are a number of hackers who try acquiring a large number of domain names for use later. It is up to you to make every possible effort to protect this digital resource. There are a number of measures in place from organizations but you cannot wholly rely on them given the present state of cybersecurity.

Why would hackers want your domain?

Hackers are motivated mostly by the challenge and money. If you are in possession of a valuable domain name, then you should be worried about people who try stealing it from you or scamming it away from you. Just a few hours spent attacking your account could easily earn them hundreds or thousands of dollars after they resell your domain or even social media accounts for that matter.

If your domain is attached with a specific website which you own or produce content for, your domain name may just be targeted for another reason altogether. They could form botnets using zombie computers and websites that have been formed using targets already infected with malware. The botnets could earn a hacker some passive income or they could just try selling your website for quick cash.

Defensive measures

Most of the defensive measures mentioned below can be put in place within a day. Most won't cost you anything either, but all of them will help you:
  • Do not have a simple password. Hackers will try some of the most common passwords on the internet like "password," "computer" or "123456." If you use one of these passwords, shame on you. Make sure you change your password right away to something which contains both numbers and letters.
  • Be sure to lock your domain name down. This will depend on the host but you can opt for additional security measures like non-transferability. This may be worth investing in especially if you have a valuable domain name.
  • Ensure you protect all of your accounts which could lead to the hosting account. Try and remove any unnecessary links or gateways between your various accounts too so that things aren't too simple for hackers.
  • If you are using a website, ensure you take the right steps to protect it.
  • You should consider using a VPN (virtual private network) when dealing with domain names outside your home network. This will help keep your information secure from hackers even when you are on public networks where they could try to intercept your data. Hackers have a much harder time trying to hack someone they can't see.
  • You should beware of scams while online. Nothing online is free. There are a number of offers which are too good to be true. Don't trust anyone and only enter a deal if you are certain it is legitimate.

Manish Mishra

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If you have a good domain name, hackers definitely would like to take it into their account. I know you feel like you have all the details and e-mail is associated with that account but no, you could be wrong when you lost it.
I had been this situation when a guy hacked some domains from the other guy. I bought it instantly since they were cheap. Later, the real owner claim the domain and i lost the domains as well as the money i invested.

Prasoon Arora

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Hackers do not leave anything if that is directly or indirectly associated with business website. They exist to crack confidential things which gives them their revenue.Yes, it is true.
One of my worst experience. A domain associated with business website was preowned by a hacker having his eyes to see the expiration date and later asked for amount which business owner was forced to give.The best example was owned by a user just in $12 as ir was expired and good luck to google that it was given back but in multiple of 100 times that he paid. Search it more and you will know what it can costs.

Pooja Sharma

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Domain is the key to success to any business and are equally important then to earn the revenue.Hackers always searched for the domains for heavy websites and wait for the time to get the ownership.
Using private domain registration is one of way that domain could be secured from getting hacked.


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I read about a case where hackers got hold of a twitter account that was worth $50,000. It was using email id of the domain registered with godaddy. With little information, they were able to call godaddy and get a password change and from there, they got into the email id and got hold of the twitter account.

Here is the story - How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username

Now I am thinking we should use strong passwords everywhere. And never use domain email id for social media accounts. Read.. you will see why.