Councillors can claim £10,000 a year and not even turn up to vote

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Councillors will be able to skip meetings and vote from home - and still get paid thousands of pounds a year, under new plans.

Ministers are set on pushing ahead with plans to allow "remote" voting at council meetings, despite the Government admitting there is widespread opposition to the measures.

The Conservatives said the plans meant that councillors will be able to vote from home and still claim expenses of around £10,000 each.

The only commitment will be for the councillor to monitor the local chamber by phone or over the internet.

They would be able to vote by clicking a mouse on their home computer or over the phone.

Tory sources said the move could allow councillors to hold down a second job, or watch television, and then vote on important local issues.

Caroline Spelman MP, shadow Communities and Local Government secretary, said the plans were "incredible" given that average council tax bills from £1,373 to £1,421 from April.


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Add to that the council tax we all pay. Where did it go when they had so much of our money - Icelandic banks for lots of interest.

When they lost it they didn't miss it. We should all be asking why are we paying so much when they have loads left over?????????
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