CPA-network ads

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Network Ads are very simple. They're CPA (cost per action) ads that fill your unsold ad space until a regular advertiser

wants that space for herself. Initially the creative will be limited to around a dozen fairly "universal fit" brands/products

to test the system, and help us fine-tune targeting for categories, and in some cases individual blogs in the Partners

How they work:
* Network Ads will appear on your site in place of "empty slots", but below paid slots.
* Network Ads are CPA - Cost Per Action. This means that you get paid if a reader clicks through on the ad, then buys

something from the destination site
* Much greater detail on creative and payouts will be available next week at launch.
* Payout is the same as for regular ads. A simple 70/30 split between publisher and

* Initially, ads will be "universal fit" so that we can run the brief test across the entire network -- we've chosen the best

performance ads, but more accurate targeting will come in the next beta phase.
* Again, initially, features will be very limited. We want to collate some data first to help us determine what kind of

features we need to put in place ot help our publishers profit from this. Please bear with us for a few days...
* There is no guarantee you will earn money. If your site is very low traffic for example, this may not work well for you.

All the normal traffic building tips you can find here and at Pro and other sites apply.
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