Help Me/Question Creating Animation In Text Using Html

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
I am building a website using html, and wish to create the simple html text banner as a logo which rotates either up to down or left to right in 360 degree. I am aware of animating text using <marquee> code and wish to know if there is any way that can rotate the text in either 180 or 360 degree.

steve taylor

White Belt
Yes you can animate text and it rotate also with the help of java script code but it is very lengthy process you have to write very very long code to accomplish this simple task .So why not you can use marquee tag instead of java script code.

niranjan kumar

White Belt
marquee tag is used in html, for moving text in webpage, But if you want to animate any text in webpage. There are two methods that you can use such as javascript or css. But javascript is perfect for animating text.