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Why Direct Selling Works?

Affiliate marketing is great, it makes a lot of people a lot of money. The products are tried and tested and the seller has skin in the game. They’ll make money only when you make money. Its really that simple.

However, the structure of a lot of affiliate marketing programs does not favor the marketer. Other than a few such as Clickbanks, most affiliate marketing sites offer low percentage points for each sale. Obviously, that creates a problem. But, the main idea is, if one seller’s product sells and you get to keep 50 bucks, how much would you make if you sold your own product? Maybe 100 bucks without having to share the profits with anyone.

Google “Zero To $1 Million On Amazon In 12 Months” to see how someone made a million bucks selling his own products via Amazon. They made even more via direct selling through their own website, but that is not part of that particular video.

Direct selling works because people want to know where the product is coming from and why is the product unique. Generic products that they see every day are not what people want to buy. They want to buy the name – your name. Would you rather be anonymous all your life, selling weight-loss products? Or would you rather sell respectable products that carry your branding?

I chose the latter. I am not out of the affiliate marketing world, but I was never comfortable selling someone else’s product. Direct selling also works because you work much harder to sell your own products.

Where does the product come from?

Well, there is lovely country called China. The place is full of strange fun products that you could brand and sell. For example, I discovered vibration speakers a couple of years back on Alibaba: Vibration Speaker, Vibration Speaker Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com

Basically, these speakers are really fun and you don’t need to do anything other than putting them on a hard surface. They turn that surface into a speaker. So, if you put them on a table, that table will turn into a speaker. Isn’t that amazing?

So, I ordered a hundred of those. White-labelled them and sold them as my own. I didn’t make a million bucks, but a whole new world opened up to me. This was not an essential item, but there are quite a few products that are now becoming essential. For example, power banks are really taking off.

The product comes from Alibaba. The sellers are usually rated and so you can tell which ones are good. You can even order a single product just to check on quality, but you’ll have to pay retail price for the single product. If you order a whole set, you’ll get it at the discounted price. So, buy it from Alibaba and white-label it.

Where to sell the product?

Look, scarcity is important. You can’t dump a million copies of the same product. That’s why always have less than 10 at a time online. You can easily create your own e-store using the free services that have flooded the market. And you can also set up a shop on your local Amazon.

Once you have setup the shop, you need to simply go to FB and Twitter, and create ads. Sell your product via
those ads. You’ll spend less than $10 per day in most cases. OR you could accelerate the process by choosing that option from FB ads. Twitter ads haven’t become effective yet, but it would be a shame to lose out on twitter.

The other thing to do is to build your own twitter account carrying your brand name/label. And build up a following. Market your products to them. But, that is a long term strategy and it may take you a couple of months to build up enough following.

Anyways, so the funnel goes from FB/Twitter to your e-store.

How to get paid?

Now, you’ll need a payment gateway. I don’t know where you live so I can’t get very specific, but if you aren’t offering a payment gateway that allows for debit, credit and prepaid cards, as well as netbanking, people won’t buy anything. Also, make sure you offer paypal as an alternative as well from the very first day! People trust paypal more than they trust different payment gateways!

If you’re selling your product via Amazon, you are already covered. Make use of Amazon’s FBA program. You just have to get your product to the Amazon warehouse closest to you, and amazon will handle all the hassles of shipping products to customers so you can just sit back and count cash.

So, that is the basic funnel that I have used in the past. Please feel free to leave your comments with your experiences.
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