anyone heard of them?

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I have received a few notifications from some of my sites from a site called, anyone heard of them?
The seem to be a new website ranking service, the email I received from them goes something like this:

we are pleased to inform you that one of your customers has left
a positive evaluation of the service quality and reliability of
your website on

The evaluation details:

No delivery / Fraud warning: no
Delivered goods/services as described: 9/10
In time delivery of goods/services: 8/10
Claim treatment: -/10
In time response: 7/10
Response quality (helpful?): 7/10
Advertisement promises fulfillment: 10/10
cugerank value of this evaluation: 8.375/10

Here you can watch your cugerank live:

There is no official site owner registered yet. We recommend to register
as the site owner. As the registered site owner you can:
- check all details of every evaluation
- file a claim against an evaluation, if necessary
- show your cugerank on your website and
- advertise with your customer satisfaction rate
- place a direct evaluation link on your website
- edit your site details that appear on cuge
- change your notification preferences
- make your listing on cuge stand out and link to you

Please click here for the free site owner registration:

Best regards

cuge - customer-generated evaluation

cuge is a non-profit project in cooperation with international
consumer protection organisations. cuge creates safety by

*** Important notices: ***

You are receiving this notification as the assumed owner of the
website mentioned above. The email is meant to notify you of the
evaluations that cuge has received for your website. If you register
as the owner of this website, you will be able to switch these
automated notifications off. The registration is free of charge.

If you do NOT WANT TO REGISTER as the official website owner,
you can also have the automatic notifications switched off by clicking
on the following link (if the link does not work properly, please
copy and paste it into your browser). You will then not be notified
any more of new evaluations of your website (unless you register
as the site owner). Thank you.


I got the email too. And I've never heard of them before.

I just received an Email from them, stateing I just received a positive evaluation however, this is not a good site for us. Their rankings can be posted by anyone, without qualifacation of who is posting the ranking. Should you receive a low Ranking you will not know unless you constantly check their site, then you have to go through the process of defending your honor. It is a site setup by CLOWNS!!!
I am in the process of contacting my clients ( since I do not know which of them posted the ranking) I must start with the closest date in corrspndece to the posting date of the ranking. Should I find that my client was contacted by cuge, I intend to proceed with legal actions against
Even though I or any of you received a positive ranking that could easly change, and you will not know WHO it is.


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Dongha, thanks for your comment, I sort of think they made up the comment really, one of my sites that was rated actually does not have any customer.
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