Customised computers for sale

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Computers have traditionally been beige, dull boxes. But some enthusiasts and big companies are turning PCs into works of art.

For some, a computer is simply an essential tool to get work done. But for others, it is a way of life.

As with classic cars, computers have their own enthusiasts who do precisely what hotrod fans do - decorate, paint and tailor their beloved possessions.

Case modding, as it is known, takes customisation to a new level and there are even competitions to find the best modders.

The European championship finalist entries are on display at the Cebit technology fair in Hanover, Germany.
Another hot favourite is Projekt Area 51 by Martin Blass. It cost 800 Euros (£540) to create and resembles an elaborate bomb shelter.



Yellow Belt
About 15 years ago we were painting pc's with metallic car paint and selling them as special models. We were even taking the fronts off the cd drives and floppy disks and painting them to make them colour coordinated. We used to get an extra few hundred for each on we sold. I guess the idea is finally catching on.
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