Tutorial Database Concepts -1

steve taylor

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What is database?

  • A database is the collection of meaningful data.
  • Postal address is generally contain House number, Flat number, area name ,state, pincode etc.

What is the database management system?

  • Database management system is a complex set of software program that controls the organisation storage and retrieval of data in a database and access the database efficiently means.
Benefits of the DBMS:-
  • Redundancy in the storage data can be reduced.
  • No data inconsistency.
  • Data can be shared.
  • Standard can be set and followed.
  • Data integrity can be maintained .
  • Security of data can be simply implemented.
  • Data Independence can be achieved.


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database is the collection of data and a programs and the management of data is called as database management system.
the functions of dbms are-
1. it convert data from source form to object form.
2. it is very secure and thus dont let any unwanted attempts to change the data.
3. it has DML complier to deal with tht manipulation.


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with the help of database we can manage data all at one place and can be access from different places. I reduce the problem of redundancy and space. which are the main problems in file processing system. Different database available are Oracle , DB2 , SAP HANA , MYSQL etc