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A relation is said to be in third normal form if it does not contain partial functional dependency. A relation in the third normal form are said to be stable relation.
A relation is said to be in BCNF if there is no multi valued functional dependency.


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The third normal form and BCNF are both normal form that used to relation database normalization in a table.
In third NF in a table if and if only for each of it's functional dependencies.
The BCNF is stronger version of #NF.

Doominic anderson

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Third normal form defines that prime attributes are transitively depend on key or super key and BCNF defines neither prime nor non-prime attribute may not be transitively depend on key and left hand side of all FD's contain keys.If a normal form exists in BCNF it must be in third normal form.

Swati Mishra

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In the third normal form attributes are not belongs to candidate key, it should directly depend on the every candidate key. A table is said to be in BCNF, if each of the dependencies of the A to B that are the non trivial, where as A is the super key.