My 2 Cents Datatypes Used In Oracle?


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There are number of datatypes defined by Oracle. Few commonly used are listed below:
  • VARCHAR2: Contains the variable length text string of upto 2000bytes.
  • CHAR: Contains fixed length text string upto 255 bytes.
  • NUMBER: Contains numeric data, its by default precision value is upto 38 digits.
  • DATE: Stores date in 'DD-MON-YY' format.
  • LONG: It can store alphanumeric data upto 2GB. There can b only 1 long column in a table.
  • LONG RAW: It is used to store graphics and sound files. It can store upto 2GB of data.

Swati Mishra

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Char datatype is used for character,
number datatype is used for numeric data.
date is used for current date month and the year.