Dating Sites - "How To Start Out" Guide

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With there being a number of popular dating sites out there including sites with huge advertising campaigns (e.g. the question is, how do you get into the market when it's already so saturated?

The first and most obvious answer is to provide a free service. While many dating sites like charge for you to find love, there are relatively few sites out there that are free and most of those that are, are not well known enough to be any sort of match for Everyone knows how popular Facebook is and that is a free service. You then look at sites like Friends Reunited who began to charge for their services and saw a huge drop in traffic. The simple fact is people like free and they're willing to go for a smaller site if they get that. However, too small and there will be noone there for people to date, so you need to start with a strong site.
To achieve quick results, you really do need to spend a bit of money on advertising. A dead dating site is unfortunately one of those things that will remain dead, as there is no reason for people to go on it if they can't get a date! If you want to start a dating site, make sure you have a decent amount of capital and you'll start at a higher rung then many other failed dating sites out there.

Secondly, try something that noone else has. for example is a very generic dating site. If you can find a niche to exploit, do so. Whether that be to make a dating site for pet lovers etc. etc. it helps to have a niche as that brings something new and interesting to the table. Once you expand enough, you can then open up a main generic dating section which will take your site to the next level. It's all about getting that startup traffic though and focusing on a niche is the best way to do that. If I know I love pets (for example) I'm obviously going to choose a site where I can meet people who share similar tastes to me. A word of warning though, make sure the niche will have a big enough market spread - you don't want to aim for a tiny target audience. Aim for a new niche that is big enough to work.

2 easy steps to starting a dating site, what could be easier?
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