My 2 Cents Define The Soap

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
We can call SOAP as Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is a messaging protocol which is based on XML. Soap communicates between the client and the server through internet. SOAP is used for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) which does the request to server and also give the response.
The client and the servers can be used any language and perform the task on any platform. This is called platform independent and also language independent. Data transmission is also possible in soap.
Soap also transfers the complete documents from one place to another.

steve taylor

White Belt
We can also define SOAP in this way -
SOAP stand for Simple Object Access Protocol, It is a light weight XML based messaging protocol used to encode the information in web service request and response message before sending the message over network.
SOAP message are not depending on any operating system or protocol and may be transported using a variety of internet protocols.