Dell customer service nightmare!! Who else??

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I know this is more PC related but this looked like the best place.

I'm just wondering if anyone else out there on this forum has had
the nightmare experience of Dell customer service and tech support?

Seriously, it's the WORST I've seen by any company I've encountered

It took me 2 HOURS (!!) to make a payment to them! I didn't need help,
I wasn't calling to complain to them (until after this!!)...I was trying to GIVE THEM MONEY!!

And on top of that, they charged me 10 bucks to make a payment over
the phone because I couldn't mail my payment in because they won't
send me my bill!! Great huh?

Anyway, I can't believe Dell still does as well as they do with this kind of service.
Granted, they still make a good PC for cheap but sooner or later this has to catch
up with them.

Anyone else?
Not open for further replies.