Designer hopes for love in games

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Veteran designer Peter Molyneux has said that he wants to put love into his next game, Fable 2.

"This is my bold claim - I need you to experience something in Fable that you as gamers have never experienced before," he declared.

Gamers will be able to start a family and watch their child grow over time.

Emotional reactions to gaming, such as love, fear and even empathy, remain the holy grail for many developers.

"Everybody is talking about emotion, story, engagement and narrative," Mr Molyneux said. "We have tried to approach it in a different way. We are going to explore love."

'Wow moments'

He explained that the team had drawn up a list of features it wanted when planning the sequel to Fable, which had sold three million copies.

We can do excitement, fear, achievement. Surely we can think about other emotions?
Peter Molyneux

"We made a shopping list," the designer said.

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