My 2 Cents Difference Between Ddl And Dml

Swati Mishra

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DDL stands for Data definition language. DDL is the facility provide by Database management system.

These are the various command which are providing by Data definition language.

CREATE: Creating table in database
DROP: Deleting data in database
TRUNCATE: Removing all data from table


DML stands for Data Manipulation language. A query is statement that is used in Data manipulation language that requests the retrieval of data in database.

These are the various commands which are providing by Data Manipulation language.

SELECT: Retrieving data from database
INSERT: Inserting data into table
UPDATE: Updating existing data in the table
DELETE: Deleting data from the table


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There are 4 types of commands in SQL including DDL,DML,TCL,DCL.

1.DDL: Data Defination Language includes the commands that works on schema level.Various commands includes:
  1. Create
  2. Alter
  3. Drop
  4. Rename
2.DML : Data Manipulation Language includes commands that helps in manipulating data stored in database.Various commands includes:
  1. Select
  2. Insert
  3. Delete
  4. Update.

steve taylor

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DDL (Data definition language) normally defines how to store data in database. Like table, index,How to delete the table?, How to remove all record from the table? How to rename an object etc.
DML (data manipulation language) defines how to handle the data in database. Like How to access, store, delete and update the data.