My 2 Cents Difference Between Generalization And Specialization

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Generalization is the union of a number of lower-level entity types for the purpose of producing higher level entity type. Generalization is the bottom up approach which indicates by triangle arrow.

Specialization is the reverse process of Generalization. Specialization involves taking a higher level entity and using additional characteristics generating lower level entity. The lower level entity inherits the property of higher level entity. Specialization is the top down process.


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Generalization is to extract characteristics from more than one classes, and combine them into a generalized superclass. characteristics are attributes, associations, or methods.
Specialization means to create new sub-classes from already existing class. If some of the attributes, associations, or methods only apply to some of the objects of the class, a subclass can be created. The specific classes are called subclasses and are placed below the superclass.
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We can also understand generalization and specialization with the help of an example:
Let we have a group of cars like sport car, diesel car , and petrol car and also have a group of trucks. then all the cars can form a group we can say normally cars. and further we can grouped car and trucks into a group say motor vehicles. Hence motor vehicle is the generalized term of cars and trucks. If we reverse the generalization process then it is called specialization.