My 2 Cents Difference Between Relational Algebra And Relational Calculus?


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The main differences between Relatinal algebra and calculus are:
  • Relational algebra is a procedural language whereas Relational Calculus is a non-procedural language.
  • In Relational algebra we need to specify what is required and how to get it whereas in Relational Caculus we only need to specify what is required.
  • Relational algebra is used to build a new relations whereas Relational calculus is used to formulate the relation definition.
  • In Relation algebra queries are domain independent whereas in Relational Calculus queries are domain dependent.
  • Relational algebra is nore close to programming language whereas Relational calculus is more close to natural language.


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Hi Nice Explanation, I didn't get the last statement between natural language and Programming language. What do you mean by natural language?


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Programming language follows the particular syntax like in relational algebra the queries are written in particular format like using projection operator or selection operator, etc.
Relational calculus is more close to natural language which makes query formation comparitively more easier.
For eg. Form the query to get name and salary of the employees.
(e.ename, e.sal | EMP(e))