Tutorial Difference Of Nofollow And Dofollow Links

Prasoon Arora

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We all may be aware of nofollow and dofollow links, but still have confusion what they exactly mean, why they are used for and how they work. Please refer below to clear your doubts if any :

Dofollow :

Links that redirect to another site are called do follow links, used to increase page rank and position in search engines.
Redirecting to another website is totally visible in dofollow links

NoFollow :

That doesn't redirect to another site. In detail, they too redirect the page but search engines can not see the change in term of url. So, they do not help in increasing the page rank.
Redirecting to another website is not at all visible in dofollow links.
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Pooja Sharma

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If I am right Dofollow works as standard forwarding and nofollow works as masked forwarding.

As in standard forwarding we can easily notice the page that is redirecting to other website getting changed with the url and when masked fowarding is made,we are unable to locate the forwarding that redirects you to the next page of the website.

steve taylor

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Nice tutorial , No follow links are no more helpful but still some benefit are there by building no follow links, as we know that link do not re direct url to another website automatically but people can open it manually if they want. where as do follow redirect automatically to another website it more helpful to increase website rank.

Swati Mishra

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Most of the dofllow links comes naturally give your website more credits than to be developed intentionally. If you are after paid links you cannot be sure how many outbound links will be there on that website and what percentage of share you are going to get.

Zirkon Kalti

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Do follow links will increase your SEO score, pass link juice and increase your pagerank so that you can rank higher in the SERP. No follow links are not counted in the SEO score assigned to your website. The reason for introducing the no follow link attribute is to reduce the amount of spammers that like to spam the blog with their links. If they know they won't get a dofollow link, they won't be bother about posting on your site. A no follow link is a link with the rel=”nofollow” attribute when you right click on the link and select properties.

Manish Mishra

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When the rel=”nofollow” arrives it means it is asking the search engines to skip it instantly after reading the code. And with do-follow the condition is different and search engines are offered to go ahead reading the above codes.


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This discussion is important and useful for SEO newbie. The Do follow indicates the link that is crawled by the Search Engine and crawlers give your site a better visibility in the search and help to boost in search engines ranking. Also dofollow links from high authority sites gives you a good signal in Google search ranking.