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According to the studies, directory submission is one of the handpicked strategies for your website to get popular on the internet. It is the fundamental step taken by marketers to improve link popularity of a website. This wonderful method helps in gaining quality one-way incoming backlinks which play crucial role in optimization procedure. Directory submission is commonly used technique by professionals to boost up traffic as well as to generate backlinks. What you guys say about the whole?


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This strategy used to be effective but not so much anymore. You should try and submit your website to niche web directories that will send targeted traffic.

Zirkon Kalti

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The links from directory submission will still have value if you submit to quality directories. Before submitting your site, you can do a research on the web to see if the directory is listed in the Google search engine. If the directory is not listed in the search engine, it will be useless to submit to it as the link also won't give you any value and it also won't drive any traffic to your site. It could be that the directory is banned if it is not listed in the search result. If the site did not appear on the first page for the keyword of the directory home page title, there is a possibility that the directory is penalized even though it is indexed.

You should always submit to the most relevant category. Usually, a quality directory will have industry based categories. Quality directories regularly get updated and state the last update date on the site. Quality directories usually have editors to review the submissions. Good directories will often have high pagerank. The link may be nofollow but you will still benefit from the traffic that is transferred to your site if it is very popular.


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I was used to submit to web directories during the time I was doing SEO services to my clients together with the small team. But most of the directories that I've submitted are full of junk and no value anymore. I do believe there are still high quality web directories you can use like and others that can still make a difference in ranking and gaining organic traffic to your website. For me, they are still giving us value as long we stick to high quality web directories. Few high quality and valuable web directories are better than thousands of directories with no value at all.

Manish Mishra

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Well, Directory submission is yet a useful trick to gain easy backlinks and so the boosting up of your website on SERP. But what has been changed recently with the SEO, it is good practice to avoid getting poor directories links.
Directories like Dmoz is still same old beneficial but Google hammered many spam and poor directories.


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Not sure how this relates to benefits as this is a part of SEO. It's good to do, but don't do it so much that it hurts you (making your link building efforts look unnatural in the search engine eyes).


Directories are nothing more than link farms. I very much doubt google gives them any weight when determining rankings. Building back links this way used to work in the past but I's a waste of time these days. Better to stick to creating good, original content. That's the way to bring in search engine traffic.

niranjan kumar

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Directory submission is still beneficial for website. You can improve your site ranking by submitting directory on various directory submission site.
There are three types of directory free directory, paid directory and link exchange directory. Some directory approve your submission instantly but some take few month for approving your directory submission.


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Directory submission is one of the most important part of the SEO, Because It's help to gain more traffic and improving for your website rank.
There are so many effective submission site available over the internet, But some of these are helpful and some of these are like just waiting your time.

steve taylor

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Directory submission can only help with irrelevant traffic, It create irrelevant traffic because people visit that directory with same intention as you have ,they never be your customers. It is not great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique but you can select some good directories where people actually engage and give feedback .

Swati Mishra

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It is one of the important concept because you have received a free backlinks with little effort and of course they will not going to be spammy or you have to be careful while posting.


ok. Now my question is instant approval directories are beneficial now a days? Is it a good idea to generate backlinks and improve SERP by this way?


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Benefits of directory submission is listed below
1.Directory submissions give you one-way links
2.Directory submissions allow the anchor text of your choice
3.Directory submissions are mostly free
4.Directory submissions send you targeted traffic



Directory submission takes long time for approval without any guarantee. Instant approval directory gives you result but that kind of site does not have PR, good DA and PA. Also their IP is also same so it is not beneficial for us.


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Directory submission is actually a good method to get quality backlinks but sometimes it depends on whether it is paid or free!:(