My Suggestion Disadvantage Of Guest Posting

Pooja Sharma

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If guest posting have advantages, it too have disadvantages. Proper validation of the posts submitted, feedback made, and responses should be done, as if monitoring of these happenings are not made with regular interval of time, some useless or impractical contents can results in the failure of your support page, and can decrease the number of readers for your website. It may also hamper your page subscription among your users.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Guest post that is not related to the niche of your blog can cause frustrations in your reader. Google will think that your blog is a content farm if they see any irrelevant guest post so make sure to always monitor the guest posts on your blog.


Content Writer
Guest posting isn't just about building links, it's about getting targeted traffic. You should only consider guest posts on related sites, preferably ones getting a lot of traffic.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
It have been seen that subscribers are bounced when they see useless post or repetitive post that they already have seen. Proper monitoring of posting should be done in order to avoid all these barriers to the growth of subscribers interest and post importance.

steve taylor

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Guest posting invites the spammer. There are lot of spam activity occur, if no proper moderation is done. I saw at various websites there are no useful content related to thread or blog except only a website link are there which is also not related to niche.


Guest posting is one of the Bset Seo Tools to increase your exposure and gain traffic, but sometimes, it can welcome some unwanted spammers too. Some of them may be decided to publish unwanted 3rd grade promotional ads on your blog. This can be discouraging for your regular readers, and you may lose them forever.