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Blog commenting in link building is a good way of gaining backlinks, yet most common blogs are no follow. I have been hearing a lot about do follow blogs but still confused on how to detect if a blog is do follow.

Can anyone see me through?


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You can download this add-on for Firefox
It highlights links with nofollow attribute, which will help you to know if a blog or site is dofollow or nofollow.

Here is how to used the tools, view the blog or site in Firefox. Right-click the link in the comments section to and click on Properties. If the pop-up box says nofollow then that's what
the blog or site is. If it doesn't mention nofollow, then it's not nofollow blog or site. I hope this will help you.


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that's a very handy plugin to find do follow blogs. I also have compiled few do follow blogs where i comment regularly.
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I think that any dofollow blogs can becomes nofollow ones easily... I think that it is not good idea to consider blogs like a way of getting good links IMO
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