Help Me/Question Do Follow Links?

sailaja ameya

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Best Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2019
  1. Focus on Value
  2. Write Content Your Audience Wants to Read
  3. Visit Other Blogs & Comment
  4. Encourage Social Sharing
  5. Make your Social Share Buttons Easy to Identify
  6. Only Use Three or Four Social Media Platforms
  7. Promote on Pinterest
Back-link Promotions:
  • Forum Submissions
  • Community Submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Classified Sites
  • Image/Info-graphics Sharing
  • Article submissions
  • Document/Video Submissions
  • Event Submissions
  • PPT/PDF Submissions
  • Blogging and guest posting
  • Press release submissions
  • Blog Submissions
  • Question and Answer Sites (Quora, Yahoo..Etc)


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  1. First of all highlight the text where you want to add a dofollow link and nofollow link then go to the top of Gutenberg block editor and click on the link icon or press ctrl+k.
  2. Copy the URL of the post which you want to link and paste it in the box then click on apply.