Do Forum Owners Worry Too Much About NOFOLLOWS?

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Forum owners often have very differing opinions on what can affect their sites.

I know of some forum owners who are happy to allow links to other sites to be 'dofollow' yet others make them 'nofollow' either for all links, or for links which have fewer than so many words in the posts.

I can fully understand anyone who runs a forum wanting their members to make quality posts, and I guess a good way to encourage that is to adopt the method of making links 'nofollow' on short posts. But, are short posts necessarily bad anyway?

I know of one forum which is currenty PR6, has hundreds of members online whenever I visit (sometimes even approaching a thousand), they must have tons of thousands of outbound links, yet all are 'dofollow.'

What do you think? What do you do on your forum? Are forum owners overly concerned with making 'nofollow' links? Are they panicking unnecessarily?


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I think it depends on the niche of the forum, lets say a football forum for example, most members do not post link because they want to get backlinks to their site or clients site but just because the link is genuinely useful to other members. If I run a fooball forum or any forum where people are not aware of the link building potential or post links just to get backlinks, I will not place restrictions on links, I do have two forums like that, the members do post links to anywhere they like (they do that because its useful).

If you give same freedom to members of an SEO/Webmaster or related forum you will get spammed to death, of course there are genuine people who will post link to resources because its useful but you get an awful lot of rubbish, I have had this experence first hand from my old forum UK WW. Its really time consuming cleaning those rubbish post and links.


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In that case a question. Do spammers get to know which forums have 'NOFOLLOW' and those which have 'DOFOLLOWS' then? If they know which are 'NOFOLLOW' do they avoid them in the knowledge that their links have no juice passed?

I strongly suspect that isn't the case. Some spammers are bots which will post in every forum they can target, so it's irrelevant to them whether the links are treated as one kind or another by the forum owner.

I know of some forums which all links are 'NOFOLLOW' and the webmaster has occasionally posted to let the members know that's the case. Yet, it still gets lots of spam.


I have "dofollow" links on my forum ( it hasn't been a problem for us except that we get lots of spam...

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