Do you have a Wireless network?

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hi there,

i have a wireless setup in my home. its easy to move our laptop anywhere we want to online. About the security, i just lock using MAC Address in which anybody who wants to connect the internet, i will keyin their laptop's MAC Address to wireless router.


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I just have a wired one, for my one computer, a desktop.

When I moved house I changed my IPS to BT. I could have paid something like £30 for a wireless router off them, or, free for a wired router under an offer they had on at the time.

As I had no need of wireless I went for the free wired one. ;)


at home i have a fiber optic connection but when i use my laptop in the house i just use next doors wifi, they allow me to and i hate the slow loading pages.


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Hi gkd_uk,
No, i haven't but my friend used wireless network. He always told me there are so many problem in network connectivity in wireless network.So i suggested you to use only cable network.


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I use a wired connection. A TV documentary in Australia showed that 80% of home wireless systems are unsecured and open for abuse such as complete ID theft! It took a professional hacker just 10 minutes to break into the secured computers from outside their houses too!
So I will always use wired!
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