Help Me/Question Do you know about adsense premium publisher?

Muhammad Rizwan

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Have you ever heard about Adsense Premium Publisher account? Let me tell you about it briefly, what's the difference between a normal AdSense account and a premium AdSense account.

A normal Adsense Account works in a normal way, you place ads on your site and get revenue based on your traffic. However, it's not permanent because Google bans an account immediately, without even a single notice. If it founds anything wrong with the site, on which Adsense ads are placed.

A Premium Adsense Publisher account is far better than a normal one. Even the login page of Premium Adsense is different from normal one. One of the best things is, it will never be banned. Yes! A Premium Adsense account is permanent. If in any case, Google finds issue with your site. It will notify you via email, to fix your issue and even help you in solving your issue. The revenue is also more than a normal account.

Zirkon Kalti

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Premium Adsense publishers can publish up to 5 units of ads per page instead of 3 ads units per page so that their page CTR is higher than standard publishers. Premiums Adsense publishers can also use CSS to tweak Adsense codes including color, size and fonts.


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Apart from what other people have mentioned, Adsense Premium Publishers have a dedicated account manager which you can contact anytime so no need to go on Google Product forums. With Premium program, you can decide what share you want; yes, you can negotiate the amount with Google. Premium Publishers can remove 'Ads by Google' text from their Ads making it better aesthetically. Premium Publishers are allowed to publish on Gambing, Casino, Adult pages which is banned for normal publishers. All in all, if you are a premium publisher, you can do all the things easily which would get you banned if you are a normal Publisher.

How to become a premium publisher?

You need to have an aged website with Unique Content with 20mn page views per month and 5mn unique hits from search queries. Simple, Isn't it? :D


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Yeah, for me the biggest bonus to being premium is just the security of not having to worry about getting banned overnight. They actually talk to you if there are problems. I am not sure how it happens, i think you just need to have over $500 per month to be premium.

Also, they factor in how long you have been with the adsense program... so if you hae been a solid member for many years, it will help you to get your account to premium

steve taylor

White Belt
Adsense premium publisher have more freedom to publish Ad per page. Normal publisher can publish maximum three Ad per page where as premium publisher can post four to five Ad four page. Premium publisher have permission to personalize Ad according to their web page color and design.