Do you think google will die anytime soon?

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not a chance and I think they are positioning themselves to get into other areas like email, browsers, phones, and operating systems - all which will keep them in the forefront of the computing and internet world for a long long time.


I think it will not stop, it will and still continue to be the top SE use by the users....


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As being number 1 in all SE's, google will not easily give-up on what they already started. Not unless if all of their boss agreed to stop it.


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Just about everything has an end and I believe that Google is at their lowest point in the game right now.

The Yahoo ad deal went bad and there will be many other Google games that will hurt them as well, especially the favoritism that it shows itself in the ad and link world.

Who will be the next one on top.......MSN maybe..perhaps..going to be!

Like I always say....Greed will imprison us all!!

My thoughts anyways!


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I dont think Google die so soon, it will still rule the SE for many year. Only a combination of the 2 second best SE can break Google, which did not happen.


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In the 90's IBM was considered the biggest IT corporation in the world...everything comes to an end innevitably and so will Google unless they turn into a monopoly (which is against the US market regulations).


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not a chance. it is on d top on its kind and will remain dere for long long tym due to its service to d visitors in every fields.


well ..nothing caompares with will be there only..


I dont think that google will die soon.I think the really big search engines are only google .


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it's hard to see how are they going to lose market share since none of the competitors as created anything better


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Google will be around for a long time. The only thing that will bring Google down, is the end of the Internet :)


This is really ridiculous and i don't that google will die but he will continue his awesome and dazzling work.


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Google will not die. Forget about it. Google is the only search engine which provide above 90% services free of cost. By using Google services you can earn huge money. Even Every service of Google is so fast, just blink of eyes.


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There is no way Google will die soon. It is the best and biggest search engine out there, and I'm sure it will remain so for a while.
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