Help Me/Question Do You Translate Your Website In Multiple Languages?

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
I have a website and I can see it has a good traffic source. The problem is most traffic coming from the Europe region where languages can me a tough challenge because it changed from one country to another.

My website is in English and I am wondering if I receive better traffic to convert into sales than to receive maximum bounce rate, just for the sake of my website language is English.
What am I supposed to do to overcome this challenge?

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
A report by the Common Sense Advisory shows that 85% of consumers won't buy if the page is not displayed in their native language. You should make your site available in several languages if you want to attract customers from these countries.


Blue Belt
You may add multilingual support plugin into your site and adjust it at prominent visible place. Language Switcher is a very simple and lightweight. Hope it will help your traffic to stay there for long time and come again.

steve taylor

White Belt
Now these days every one comes to brows internet. Most of the people know one or two language which include their native language also. So If you want to get popularity then your website must be view in native languages as well as in a standard language.

niranjan kumar

White Belt
For getting more traffic website need to available in multiple language, but for this you need to maintain your content according to your audience. First check who's your audience and what's their geolocation. If you get higher traffic from any location then available your content or you can also use translation services.


White Belt
In website language translation there are two types of techniques are used such as google translation service. But in the google translation service is not work perfectly in translation or make a meaning full sentence. But this technique is widely used by many website authors, another is translate your content in which language that you want by any human translator.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
I have seen many websites that using some techniques and it creates the entire website on the native IP it is browsed and opened. This way people can easily understand and perceive the message you want to share with them.
Also, Google provides an option that need a click to change the entire website into a native language that needs user efforts, though.


White Belt
If your website made for general purpose which is independent from some specific region like any specific country then you can develop your website in only one language.Otherwise you need to translate you website webpage in local language. If you develop a website for local purpose then it is must be maintained in native as well as in the universal language.