Help Me/Question Does Font Size Matter?


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All of us want to have the fonts easy to read for everyone. Let's talk about the font we choose for our headlines, body, and bottom line.

I think we should choose three size for mentioned above categories. For the body, it's suggested to have readable font smaller than for headline.

Manish Mishra

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Font really change a lot when it comes to designing part. A design with a clumsy font will give better look. A good design needs a good font on it to make a marvelous look to the web deisgn.

Prasoon Arora

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To any website, fonts matter a lot.
Fonts are to be referred as voice of your website. It is being considered that use of too much large fonts looks loud to the customers and do not have good impact and too small fonts shows the lack of confidence.
Thus, it is really important what type of font you are using.


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Aside from the font size, choosing the right font style is also critical in making a great web design. For instance, if the site is more on the feminine side, font should not be bold and strong. Perhaps a cursive font is a good fit.

steve taylor

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Yes font size is matter in representation of words. Font size make words attractive if its uses appropriate in size . Now we take an example :-
if we are going to write a article . Then there is a heading of an article , the font of the heading must be big as compare to paragraph of an article for attractive look. color also matter along with the font size .Selection of the font and color depend on where to represent the article .


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Yes font size is matter for your website, Because Font is main goal of visitors and your websites.
A website main purpose is, it can easy readable for the visitors.
Every one is know that website reading is a complex process for visitor, Because we know that visitors don't read every indivisible word instead in websites.