My 2 Cents Does Marketing On Facebook Really Work?


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If you are marketing a business on Facebook, sooner or later you’ll need to convince a boss, or a client, that the investment on Facebook marketing is worthwhile.

This is not as overwhelming as it seems. Here is how it’s possible.

Set Achievable Goals: Understand and well plan your marketing strategy and what you need to achieve from it.

Add support for your Claim: So you claim Facebook is a good investment. Then show how.

Address the Risks: Every mission and development has risks, and you must address them rather than hide it from your higher-ups.

Manage ROI for Social Media: ROI for social media can be defined in a many ways. For e.g., get feedback from customers, do better interaction, understanding a customer problem that can be transformed into a product feature.


Yeah, Facebook, Youtube, twitter and many other social media platform help business to get more leads.


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yes, facebook marketing works promote your page for more likes that effects on you bussiness.