My Suggestion Doing article submission? read before you do

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Alamin Chowdhury

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Article submission is a common practice that many webmasters do to promote their site and for better SEO. After all these recent Google algorithm changes the question stands, whether this article submission has any value or not?

Well frankly speaking, Yes and no.

Yes, only if you are submitting fresh and unique articles with a link to your site to a site matching your content. Nevertheless, it is seen that most of the article submission sites out there are of general category and are accepting almost articles on all niches. This is bad because it is from no angle related to your site.

No in the sense that if you are still on the same practice of submitting one article to many sites at a time, this is going to create some serious problem. You are submitting or posting the same content over and over again, which is completely spamming and duplicate content in the eyes of Google and for this your site is sure to receive penalty.

So think before you leap. If you have any suggestions for us regarding article submission in the new days of SEO and how we can do it, please do not hesitate to share with us.
Thanks in advance.


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Every link building activities has got its on advantage...whether it is article submission ....but as Alamin rightly pointed out same content again and again will work negatively....


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Article submission have an important rank in SEO. But now a days it currently equal to blog commenting on high quality website.
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