Domain names-what do i do with them?

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If i have multiple domains that I own, what is the best way to utilize these to help my sites ranking and exposure?

1)redirect each domain to my main site?
2)create a site for each domain and link back as an affiliate?
3)something else?

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I think you can create for each domain a website , develop the site and you may get some profit of it. Except that , you link back to your most important site.
Else you can try a form of donation for the domains , in exchange you ask for a site wide link , and let the person you donated the domain to , to create a website with unique content. Anyway , finaly it's up to you , it's your call here , but I guess that trying to develop a site on each domain is a good idea.


darkstar is 100% right.

Develop different sites on them. Make a good inter linking for your own sites.

And you can pass on the Pagerank to the main site.


If you are talking about rankings, then option 2 will be the best way you should go. Just make sure the websites you created is relevant to your main site's topic.
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