Tutorial Domain Registration And Domain Hosting

Prasoon Arora

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It have been seen that there are number of people who always get confused in domain registration and domain hosting and to use these services for free.

Domain registration is buying a domain, or registering a domain from the domain registrar and domain registration can never be free. Its charges are included in your plan whether you sign up for Web Hosting or Business email.

On the other hand, domain hosting stands for hosting the website with your registered domain, and this can be free as per the policies of different hosting service provider.


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You have said correct thing, but most newbies get confused in these two things. Some companies have come up with domains and Web hosting business that make misunderstandings.

For the second tip, Domain can be free from a Hosting company on a particular package as long as they are hosting with them.

Both domain and Web hosting companies are coming with offers to attract clients.

Prasoon Arora

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Some domains companies, provide the domain registration for free for the initial term, or first year and thereafter the domain is charged yearly. In more clear words, domains are renewed every year and chargeable. You can not avoid the charge for the renewal of your domain.

Remember, if you are transferring the domain to another registrar or you are upgrading the plan, domain renewal charge is already included in the plan that you are transferring to.


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Nowadays if you want to receive a good quality of service you won't receive it for free, you get what you've paid for.

Swati Mishra

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Domain registration is like baptism you just give a name to a website and it is nothing but a virtual name that has no physical existing.
Domain hosting is refer to host your files on the server so it can be accessible through the internet over the millions people. domain hosting has a physical existence.

Manish Mishra

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Registration is the process when you register just the name for your business and to put files to make it accessible to outside world, we need a web hosting. Once you have registered the name, you would like it to be accessible through the internet and available for you and for the others. This way, you add files and upload various content that suits your website.

Pooja Sharma

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Domain registration and domain hosting has become much easier because many companies like GoDaddy provide support and help us in buying and registering the domain. Domain hosting is majorly responsible for hosting your website. people in offline business are focusing in buying a domain and making a portal on it describing what they do and what they sell etc.


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There’re many big guys in domain industry that you can rely on, however according to me, there’re 3 big guys that I usually use to invest a large number of domain on them. 3 of them are Godaddy and Namecheap and Domain dot com

With Godaddy, I usually get big discounts via email, the most percent discount I’ve got are 40% off, 30% off and 25% off on new orders. More, they have a very professional and comfortable control panel that can help me much in domain management. Very easy to transfer or renew when I need to do. When my domains get expiring, I’ve always get notification by them, that’s very good. For their coupons, you can visit here to get Godaddy coupon just only for $0.99 active and latest

With Namecheap, they have a very good and friendly support team that can help you almost instantly, I’ve contact them many times and each time was let me very happy and rate them 5 stars in supporting. Namecheap also give monthly coupons that can help you save 25% off on your hosting, VPS purchasing and 10% off on domain transfer/purchase. For their coupons, you can visit here to get Namecheap coupon 10% off domain active and latest

With Domain .com, they also usually offer many good discounts for domain .com, .net, .org...they're commonly flash sales that take place in a short time. Their services are also good with fast and friendly support. If you want to buy, you need hurry to catch their flash sale that end up very fast. For their coupons, you can visit here to get Domain.com coupon active and latest

So I would like to recommend 3 domain registrars to you. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!