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I have bunch of domains that are sitting ideally giving no good price.I want to monetize them all and interested in some good suggestion here.I have heard about instantadsensemachine but not sure about its working.If any one has tried it ,please tell your experience.Also looking for some good and legal methods to monetize my domains.


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How many domains do you exactly own?
We have over 150 of the blasted things and eventually pulled the plug on them - didn't care to sell them but give them up.
Why? We realised that concentrating on a few sites would be more profitable then trying to run the whole damn web.


Using Instant Adsense Machine, you can quickly create a content-rich site easily in under 2 minutes. Start turning your domains into adsense money. Convert your domains to cash! No point having them sit there for no reason. Put this script there and start generating revenue and Google page rank. In less than 2 minutes, you can have a content-rich site with your keywords.
It's a complete waste to have your domains sit there because you dont have time or money to hire a designer to build you these sites. Imagine you have 50 or 100 domains. It would easily cost you several thousand to have someone to build a site for each one.
Buying a template cost you at least $50-$100 (and that might just be one domain!). You still have to write all the content and and deal with coding and editing images. Hiring someone will cost you several hundred to several thousand dollars for each domain. And you will need to constantly update the content yourself.
Now you can do it in under 2 minutes for each site. And start increasing the value of your domain because now it's getting indexed and getting clicks! And best of all you just set up the keyword and it'll do the rest. In minutes!


Hi I've been looking into how people price domains and value domains. Can anyone help tell me what sites i should look into what features are websites valued???
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