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this is important for all runescapers, especially the new comers.

If you have scams that aren't on the list here, post them here, then I will put them all in this tread.

The Scams:

1. Free Upgrades
There is no such thing as free upgrades. The scammer asks for your armor so they can upgrade it. When you give your armor to them, they just take it. There is no such thing as Free Upgrades. This includes item trimming.

2. Other items
For example: BadPerson sells Steel Plated Armor for 350gp. When you open the trade window and give BadPerson 350gp, they will give you armor. Later you would find out that what you got was not Steel Armor but it was actually Iron Armor. Iron, which is cheaper than Steel. Always point your mouse-cursor at the item(s) you are trading to see a description before you accept the offer. Also read over the second confirmation window when trading so that you can be absolutely sure of what you are getting.

3. Duplicating
Someone tells you to drop your expensive items that you want duplicated and then press Alt+F4. By pressing this, the game window closes and the thief easily takes your items with you out of the way. By the time you load the game and log back in, the thief is long gone.

4. Common Sense
Never give away your password. Not even to your friends. Make sure your password is hard to guess. If somebody does guess your password and takes your items, then JAGeX is not responsible. If you do lose your items to scammers then they will not be given back.

5. JAGeX personnel
Some players may trick you into believing that they are JAGeX personnel. Remember, real JAGeX personnel will never ask you for your password or any items or money.

6. "Trust" scam:

Somebody might say something like, "Follow me for full rune!!!!". When you get there they say, "Ok, this is a game of trust. Trade me your best item, I will trade it back. Whoever trades the best item wins the full rune." DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!! They will wait until somebody is stupid enough to put out 1 mill, then they run away with it. Enough said.

7. Red cards
There are red cards which you can obtain by doing a members quest, and is worthless to a non-member. However they can be sold in members, and some people will try to trick you into buying one, for lots of money.

8. E-mail scams

Jagex Will NEVER asks for your password (Not even on runescape!!!)

Jagex will NEVER send links in emails

Just because it says from doesn't mean its true. cause its an email hack..
Most of the time it also contains an attachment which shows nothing more then just plain text, but if you run your virus scanner after that... You will find that there was a key logger in there! And a key logger steals your password, and then mails it back to the scammer.

9. Drop Trades
Never fall for one of these... you drop your items, the other person says they will drop theirs too, but don't. Stick to using your normal trading system. For items that can't be traded, you can drop them, yes, but they wont pop up for anyone else.

10. Free character(s)
Some people claim to sell characters, with good stats: free lvl 99 character!!! Only 10k!!! First you need to pay, because otherwhise you might not pay... (duh), but when you payed, they ran off, or give you some lvl 3 n00b guy! And again... you are scammed, because the world of runescape is full of scams...

11. Password yelling
Some people claim that you can't say your own password! Well... you can! The people say:
Person A: ********
Person A: Hey! I can't say my password...
Person B: ******
Person B: (his friend) Hey! That's right! Just try it!
You: password!!!

Congratulations! You have just gave your password to some scammers... and away your character goes!

12. Fake site scam
Some people claim to be able to hack Jagex and all of it's stuff, they show (FAKE) pictures to make you believe. Most of these sites ask for your password by sending it to a e-mail or sign in a guestbook. Some people offer a program, that will steal your password automatticly when you log in, then it e-mails it to the guy who scammed you.

13. Macro scam
These scammers make use of a macro program... *newb asks: what is that???* Well, a macro program is used to let your mouse jump from one point on the screen to another, without using the way in between. In other words it jumps on your screen, which causes very fast movement of your mouse. The scam done with it, is they sell things for very low, then with the macro when you accepted, they quickly remove it. Always watch the second screen to see if you got what they offered!!!

14. Party hat/r2h scam:
1st guy: "follow me it's regards my p hat". then he goes on how he hasnt played in a while and how spinach rolls are rare now. then he says he will give his p hat for 3 spinach rolls and then he says good luck and logs out. Omg! Get 3 spinach rolls quick!!! Go go go!!! (don't do it... look below why not)

2nd guy: after guy 1 logs out guy 2 logs in and hes selling spinach rolls(what a coincidance... same scam guy). he says he wants your r2h. so in your rush to get a p hat you trade it for 3 rolls (I told you NOT to do it! Look below why).

1st guy: he logs back in says never mind i dont need anymore. (See, I told you not to do it)

15. Toy horse scam:
A pretty new scam, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, here it is:
The toy horses are for sale from the 1th of April 2004, and like with all new items, people try to sell them for a higher price. Toy horses are for sale at draynor market, where the certs where traded in rs1. They can be bought for 150gp each, but people try to sell them for 1k and over!!! Don't fall for it!

16. Easter egg kits
ROFL you won't even go for this scam, but it's so funny I decided to put it up. It happend to me, when I was on the way to sell some steel plates, a guy comes up, selling easter egg kit! What's that?
So he shows me, 200k for the whole lot, he claimed that you can make your own easter egg with it. You would buy a chocalate bar, green dye, red dye and blue dye, and a normal egg... And you pay 200k!!!

17. Wildy scam:
Another one, I heard from someone while I was training in varrock sewers today. Someone tells to follow you to give you free armor, offcourse there are some people who will do it, in there newbie days...
He will take you to wildy level 15 or above most of the time, tells you to bring all ur stuff and then kills you... Well, ok can happen, but still another scam.

18. Beads scam:
Some guy yells: Selling rare (put color here) beads!!! Might be white, blue, red, yellow... you get the idea. He let's people buy it for insane amounts of money! Don't do it!!!

19. The Zammy Wine Scam:

Somebody is standing at the chaos temple. They tell you that Wine of Zamorak is worth, lets say, 100k. Then you go in and try to grab it, but the monks attack you. You can avoid this by tele grabbing it.

20. The "I wanna die plz kill me" scam:

Someone in the wildy might say, "Attack me i wanna go to lumby!" Dont do it (unless ur a pker). They say this because they want u to get skulled, so when they attack u, they have no fear of losing all their items.

21. Fake Holiday Drops:

For this scam, somebody will say, "Selling rare holiday drop!!! Only 1M!!!!", and they show you a skull. DO NOT DO THIS!!! These can be gotten from in the wilderness, and they are worth only about 2gp. Big deal.

NOTE: When you are so dumb to fall for a scam even after reading all of this, and you accidently lost your account, I only have one more tip left: Always fill in correct and easy to remember recovery questions, they have helped out people more then once, to get there account back!

Ok, I just had to add this, as an example of what not to fall for:


May 20, 2005, 12:38 AM

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Hi i am a long time runescape player but i have found a way to get back at hackers finnaly

afrter serching runescape server i found a way to scam people that have scamed you which is great. by finding the recovery password for runescape.

i have linked it a normal email so that it will fool the runescape server.

when you email put the subject: psswrdrecry

you must put this part down exactly as its written or it might not work i suggest copy and pasteing it.

654321/your user name/123456

4h4k56/victims username/2hfy89

psswrd/your password/recovery

also make sure this is exactly or it might not work.

and voila runescape will send you the password to any account you want pretty sweet if you want to get back at the person that scammed you.

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