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The best drop shippers are the manufacturer of the product. If you can find a manufacturer that drop ships you will receive the lowest price for the product, always a bonus.

Wholesalers make good drop ship partners. Reality is that most manufacturers are not set up to ship individual products to hundreds of different addresses. In the supply chain, the wholesaler is much better positioned for this. Their whole purpose in business is to buy in bulk from several manufacturers and break the large purchases down into smaller quantities for individual retailers.

You should ask two questions that separate manufacturers and wholesalers from middlemen. Do you manufacture the product? Do you stock the products you offer to drop ship? You can go one step further and ask for the address or their factory or warehouse.

In the end, you will get the best price from the manufacturer but will have fewer products to select from. You might do better with a wholesaler with prices close to the manufactures' price but offering a much wider selection of products.
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