DS sells 500,000 in Europe

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Nintendo's new handheld conquers its last territory - Nintendo celebrates

Nintendo has today confirmed that its new touch-screen DS has reached the half a million mark in Europe, following on from successful launches in the US and Japan.

Super Mario 64 DS also fared well. It is DS's best selling game, accompanying half of all DS units sold, resulting in a grand total of 250,000 sales.

"The launch of Nintendo DS in Europe has been a huge success," enthused Jim Merrick, Nintendo's senior director of European marketing. "European gamers have embraced DS and have left no doubt that it is the new must-have console."

"Nintendo set out to create a new way of handheld gaming, offering an innovative and enjoyable experience, and with DS we have certainly accomplished this. With many more great games launching soon, sales of Nintendo DS will just keep growing," Merrick added.

And grow they probably will, especially when you consider that PSP probably won't arrive in Europe until late summer at the earliest.
Thats wack.. People in Europe must be profoundly attachted to video games.. Im sure the PSP will sell more in Europe.
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