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Bilal Nasir

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E commerce is progressing with passing time. Now almost every body would like to have an online store and sell it's items there and bring more costumers to it's business.


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I was thinking the same thing too. I remember that I do have my own Amazon affiliate store in my Wordpress blog, and I was selling cameras and other gadgets up to date. But due to my lack of commitment with my own eCommerce affiliate site, I decided to shut it down for a while. I do agree with you @Bilal Nasir that eCommerce is progressing these days. All we really need is to show our commitment to our own sites, and we can really make a difference with it. We can make a living with eCommerce sites these days right now, and it's actually evolving.

Zirkon Kalti

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There are many ways to start your store without having to buy a domain, for example, you can sell your own unique artwork designs at Cafepress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt if you are good at designing. If you are newbie and wants to get into e-commerce, you can buy e-commerce stores that are already making money and pick up from there.


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First you can have your own website, where you can sell your procured products, then from the start, amazon and ebay platforms are highly recommended. This is because for a new site you have to give enough time to grow whereas amazon and ebay has ready customers already.


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What do you feel about the area we leave? Are there any opportunities to make an online store to sell the items? Got which areas I am talking about?


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Yes there are stores in Pak as well. One of my friends sells ladies wear & she ships it to india!

So the place has the potential, you just have to explore it.


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For me it's going wonderfully well. Absolutely, the web has changed the way people buy and everything from blade to soaps and TV to electronic gadgets are available online. Consumer is to shop online far more easily with a choice to compare online and availing the deals available. We have companies like Flipcart, Snapdeal, infibeam and Amazon doing great with the help of e-commerce retailers.


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As I was reading about building online stores, I noticed that it is becoming popular and almost everyone is trying it out. There are a lot of things to think about to build an online store which will really work out or succeed. Not all people who will build or use an online store will be successful, but if you know how to use it, I think that would be the key to making a successful outcome from it.


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Well, I guess that is because almost all businessman thinks the same way. All of us wanted to make sure that we can get more profit by maximizing our resources. Bringing the business to e-commerce is one of the best and practical way to expand your business since consumers nowadays are turning to online to help them save time and effort.

steve taylor

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Now in this time E-commerce business grow exponentially.
Online marketing provide flexibility and simplicity to buy online any product with maintain privacy.
It provide virtual platform We use any where and any country and Almost all product are available online marketing.
It provide Number of different discount offer To buy any product.
I like this service and i prefer only buy product online.


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E-commerce is very popular and it is growing fast.It provides online services.It has its types-
It not only helps customer in getting product online with reasonable rates,but also helps businesses to increase its value. There are many companies like flipkart, snapdeal,ask me bazaar, amazon etc which works on the concepts of E-commerce and provides great product.